Studying while working fulltime

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I’ve recently changed employer; I swapped insurance for transport. I went from MS Amlin to Lineas; I now help drive a ‘Freight Force’. Lineas is fairly scattered right now; but it offers me so much potential growth. A new job also means learning new things; a lot of new things.

Right now I am taking a Udemy course to obtain my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification in addition to learning Ansible, Puppet with Terraform. I opted for the course by Stephane Maarek; namely the Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2021

I am currently wrestling through the entire IAM chapter. Although wrestling is a bit overstating it; Stephane explains it so easy. Even the new concepts are fairly clear, and if it baffles me - I generally get it thanks to the hands-on training as well. While I am going through the course, I also understand some stuff Ben Corin was mentioning. He’s one of the AWS guys at work.