A day in the life of a remote worker

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Recently, I was asked what my day looks like during this pandemic as it rendered me (like so many others) a full-time remote worker. People assume my days are very relax, laid back and filed with breaks. I honestly hate to burst their bubbles; but I generally have more to do than I would if I were working at the office.

My day starts at 7AM, when both myself and my fiancée get up. I have my toilet moment, brush my teeth, do a quick wash and then get dressed (depending on the level of video conferences, this may be a simple trainer/sweatpants). I get Lou - our Cocker Spaniel - out of bed after raising our blinds upstairs. I carry him downstairs, and lay him down in his bed downstairs. Unless of course he has to pee, then he gets a bathroom break.

Breakfast moment; I turn on the espresso maker, get everyone’s coffee ready. I get Lou’s food ready, set the vitamins etc. After that, if I have the time, I empty the dishwasher, if not I sit down at the table and wait for my fiancée to leave home. You see, our dog Lou likes to sit on my lap while she drives off. Once she does, he slumps down on my lap and goes back to sleep.

If I haven’t emptied the dishwasher, then I get that over with. After which I do laundry if needed. And then I actually start work, meetings and all. In between meetings and working, I walk Lou for an hour, I train him twice for max 10 min. I try to vacuum or sweep the floor; or upstairs or downstairs.

Now, I am not complaining, I just wanted to stress that occasionally I do have more than just ‘sitting in front of the computer all day’ on my to-do list. People seem to forget that not everyone has a relax day. I do take my break-moments, yes - because I barely leave the house during the week. And thanks to me being a bit of a social freak, I can get very odd when leaving the house.